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Keeping hardscape clean and manicured

Have you ever wondered about ways to keeping your hardscape clean and still looking good? Well here are a few tricks to keeping your hardscaping clean and manicured.

Banish all weeds growing in cracks

No herbicides needed, just get those invaders of the ground. Use a scrapper to remove settled dirt from concrete or asphalt. An air compressor or a wet/dry vacuum on reverse will blow it right away. Patch driveway or patio surfaces. For brick- paths interlopers, clean with a pressure washer and fill with polymeric sand.

Repair the cracks themselves

Opt for a cold-pour filler for asphalt; use a textured caulk or a pourable concrete grout on concrete. For all, apply in 1-inch layers and press in with a trowel or screwdriver. Use a liquid pavement sealer to keep water out. (Note: it will make the pavement look a little darker than usual.)

Clear up mold, mildew and moss

On most hard surfaces (test first), apply a solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water with a spray bottle or a mop and wait 10 minutes. Follow with a stiff brush and a garden-hose sprayer or use a pressure washer to dislodge whatever's left, and rinse. Moss, mold and mildew thrive in shady, damp areas. Adjust sprinklers so they don't hit the hardscape, and prune trees so hardscape has direct sunlight.

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