Outdoor Kitchen Gallery

Let A&A Landscaping and Maintenance of ND build your outdoor kitchen and living area. Browse the gallery to whet your appetite for what we can do to make your dreams become a reality.   

Outdoor Bar
This bar features granite tops, pavers, and stainless steel fixtures to ensure quality and durability. It is a great addition to any outdoor space and a fun entertainment area.
A small grill and paver counters is an easy way to enhance your outdoor area and make your grilling easier and look even better!
Outdoor kitchen
This kitchen has everything you need to entertain and impress! The granite counter tops give you the space you need and the stainless steel drawers provide the perfect storage for all your grilling tools. Every design is individually customized to fit your needs.
Grill and bar
This simple grill takes it a step further with a granite top bar so you can go straight from the grill to the party!
Grill and bar
Full view of the bar and tap which can be specially installed by A&A to achieve your desired outdoor space. (Tap featured not installed by A&A)
Kitchen and benches
We can make your outdoor kitchen as complex or simple as you want to fit your specific needs. Here we have a bar with a mini fridge and attached paver benches.
Kitchen and benches
Frontal view of the bar and mini fridge along with drawers and storage space all in stainless steel for a long lasting kitchen.
Simple grill with red and gray pavers ties in perfectly with the rest of the hardscape and adds value and practicality to your outdoor space.
Apartment complex
This design was installed at an apartment complex as an added luxury. This space offers the appeal and convenience of an outdoor space close to them.
Grill and fridge
This space features a grill on one side and storage and a mini fridge on the other along with beautiful porcelain counter tops and a white pergola that tie the whole space together.
Homeshow kitchen
This setup featured in our 2017 ND homeshow has white porcelain counter tops, a wine cooler, wide grill, and sink along with gray and charcoal pavers.
Kitchen and retaining wall
This kitchen has a wide grill, plenty of storage space, and a sink located in a large patio with plenty of space to entertain. The granite counter blends perfectly with the brown pavers and charcoal accents used in this design.
Pergola with kitchen
This design features a natural wooden pergola over the grill to complement a larger pergola over a seating area. Pergolas can be created in any size and color for your complete satisfaction
Pergola with kitchen
Closer view of the grill and charcoal paver counter tops.
Pergola covered kitchen
This area has a larger pergola over the op of two separate grills and paver benches that provide plenty of seating and an open space in the center that allows you to work your space however you want it.
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