Outdoor Fireplace & Firepit Gallery

Patio with white fireplace
Light-colored fireplace and patio help bring out bright-colored outdoor furniture and look great against greenery.
Stone Firepit
Stone firepits give a more natural and subtle look and works great on an existing patio.
Firepit with bench
This firepit and bench looks great on its own, but the paver railing gives it an added layer of detail for a more stunning look.
Firepit with bench
The same bench with railing at a different angle and different lighting.
Two-level fireplace
This grand fireplace features an upper level and lower level hearth sure to blow away your guests.
Two-level fireplace
A side angle of the grand fireplace on two levels.
Two-level fireplace
Upper level shot of this amazing fireplace accentuated by an attached bench.
Patio with firepit
Firepit with bench on a lower level patio surrounded by flower beds creates a fun outdoor space.
Firepit and bench
Firepit and bench can be used during the cooler months to warm you up so you can continue to enjoy your outdoor space.
Firepit and bench
During the warmer months, a paver bench can be dressed up with decorative throw pillows and the right plants and flowers.
Wood-burning firepit
Simple, light-colored firepit and ring looks great agains the redish-brown color of the patio.
Firepit with stone benches
Large stone firepit with boulders and stone benches overlooking a great view of a lake.
Firepit with charcoal top
The dark-colored caps of this firpit creates a focal point and brings the design together.
Flower bed with firepit
Smaller spaces can be transformed with the right design. Everyone should have a lovely outdoor space to enjoy.
Lower level firepit
Wide steps leading down to a firepit and bench is perfect for those who want to expand their space and add more to their homes.
Football shaped firepit is adds a unique aspect to any outdoor space.
Different angle and lighting of this fun firpit.
Enclosed firepit
This closed off firepit creates a more intimate space for families and guests.
Homeshow fireplace
A fireplace put on display during a 2017 homeshow in North Dakota. You can be sure it impressed!
Firepit with small patio
Small round patio with firepit gives just enough space for minimal outdoor seats and benches for a simple yet stunning outdoor area.
Rectangular gas burning fireplace with amber fireglass creates a modern and bold look for any outdoor space.
Firepit & Bench
Firepit with a large ring around it adds detail with the different pavers and colors for a unique and put-together look.
Gas-burning firepit
This design works in light colored pavers against a red brick house to create an individual space for outdoor entertainment.
Gas-burning firepit
You can never go wrong with the simplicity and beauty of a gas burning firepit.
Small firepit with round benches on each side can add value and luxury to any space.
Wood firepit
Firepit with charcoal caps along the bench and pit against the tan pavers give a fun color-blocked look.
Homeshow firepit
Stone firepit and small bench displayed in the 2017 homeshow.
Veneer fireplace
Outdoor stone veneer fireplace with small waterfalls on each side look great with plants or flowers on the tops.
Brick fireplace
Outdoor brick fireplace is perfect for smore's or just hanging out in front of the hearth. This one is just starting up!
Patio and firepit with small pine trees along the back of the bench add some color to this hardscape.
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